Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Stepping Up!

Hi there! (I may actually be talking to four people blog friends are growing!). As all weeks, this one has been busy with soccer and dance practices, work, school and preschool, and life in general! Our little L had her second dance class this week (mommy and cute), and she was great! Quite a change from the week before, where she enjoyed crawling up my leg and saying "no!" the entire time. :) This week, she was arabesquing and plieing (probably not a word) all over the place. N had his first soccer game, and he actually kicked the ball a couple of times! Yay! And, M had her first choir practice at church last night. She loved every minute of it, and it makes her little singing momma so proud!

So, while M was at choir, I went to a Bible study. I just KNOW it's going to be incredible. First off, it's Beth explanation necessary, for those of you familiar with Beth's work. Second, it truly spoke to my heart last night. I had a few times where I was choking back tears. If given the opportunity, give it a chance. It's called "Stepping Up", and I can't wait for next week.
I'll try to post again tonight with lots of pictures. I still need to get pics of the kids' rooms on here, as well as some stuff we've done over the past week. Have a great afternoon, and thanks for dropping by!



Michelle said...

I did this study! I didn't know you had a blog!?!? Have you been holding out on me!!!

Linda said...

Last month I went to the Beth Moore conference in Memphis...she sure is a great lady! I went to one here at home about five years ago and it was soooo good that I had to go again when my sister asked me to go. We made a four day trip out of it...did some shopping on the way!!!!