Friday, September 12, 2008

10 Quirky Things...

Ok, part of the joy in blogging for me is borrowing other people's ideas for blog posts. I would hope that if anyone saw something on my blog that they thought was fun, they would feel free to borrow it from me. With that being said, I saw this cool blog entry on a blog called Mindless Junque (find this at So, here it is...

Ten Quirky Things About Me!

1. I am only 8 months older than my brother. How does that work, you ask? I was adopted! When I was born (in January 1976), my mom was a month pregnant with my brother, who was born the following September!

2. I have my left ear pierced 3 times and my right ear pierced twice. Ah, college. The double (and triple) piercings have almost fully grown back. I also had the cartledge of my ear pierced (also in college).

3. I have a freckle on my right pinky finger, and my son has a freckle in the same exact spot. Weird, huh?

4. I located my birth family a few years ago and discovered that my birth mother went to the same middle and high school that I did. She also attended elementary school at the same school my daughter currently attends. Small world!

5. I have a major fear of cotton! The feel of it is like nails across a chalkboard for me. My freshman year of college, 2 of my friends opened up a pill bottle, took out the cotton in the top, and chased me around their dorm room with it. I absolutely cannot stand the feel of it!

6. I only got one wisdom tooth. The rest never came in. I must not be very wise, huh?

7. I sleep with my ceiling fan on high most of the year. During the super cold winter months, I usually keep it on low or medium. NEVER OFF! Ask my dear Jon how much he loves this trait about me!

8. I hate being tickled under my chin or in my neck area. My dad does this thing where he tickles me there and says "Chuck-a-chin! Chuck-a-chin!". I have no idea where that comes from!

9. I can't stand the sound or sight of someone chewing with their mouth wide open. It absolutely makes me sick!

10. I hate crooked pictures! I simply must straighten them.

Ok, now to further borrow a blog idea, I'd love for you to leave a comment letting me know your most quirky trait! It'll be one big quirky par-tay!


P.S. Thanks for the great ideas about how to do my frame! I'm going to head to Hobby Lobby this week for some scrapbook paper! :) Fun fun!


Jon and Lori Anne said...

I hate bellybuttons.

nana said...


hugs, nana

nana said...

I'm finished with your blog...I quit!!!!

Kim said...

Oh, Nana, don't quit on me! :) I have some things I want to post, I just need to make some time to do them. Bear with me...good stuff to come!! Oh, by the way, M was sick last Thursday, so we didn't make it to dance. I couldn't find your cell number to call!

nana said...

Are we going to see any pictures of North Vernon? How about the Wagon Wheel Motel? Can't wait!

Leigh Ann said...

Kim! Well, aren't you and your family just THE cutest! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the birthday wishes.

You are so sweet to ask about my daughter's room. How fun is pink??? I love your daughter's room and complete with a ballett barre?! What a lucky girl. I'm not sure where you live, but I got the duvet from a boutique in Little Rock called Tuck and Cover. You can also see it at this website that lists boutiques in different states that carry their products.

I'll be back in to check on you. Isn't blogging SO fun?!

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

What is it with cotton?? My 20 yr old daughter can't stand the cotton in pill/vitamin bottles. She makes me or her sister remove the cotton. We think it is pretty strange. She doesn't mind regular cotton balls though. LOL

Thanks for the blog advice & for entering our giveaway! I just added ways for you to get extra enties in our giveaway...come by and check it out. Ok so I'm off to check out your blog!

Take Care

Nancy said...

Hi Kim...I was wandering what had happen to you! Hope all is well.
I want to thank you for entering my 100th post giveaway. Good luck to ya, Nancy

jenjen said...

Hi Kim!
How are you? I just saw that you had commented on my Pretty Pergola's post. Sorry I am such a loser.

It was fun to learn those things about you! Did you ever start building your pergola?

I am excited to look around and get to know you!


Kimberly said...

Kim, it dawned on me today that I never replied to your comment over on my blog about thrift shopping in Indy from a couple of weeks ago. I actually live in Fishers, so most of my normal thrifts are on the northside. However, with my job now I venture down to Greenwood about once a week and of course have slowly but surely been checking out some of the thrift stores.

The Value World at 52nd & Keystone and in Fountain Square always have a good selection. They have really raised their prices lately though (ha, true bargain shopper here!) so be sure to check their website or the Nuvo for possible 30% or 50% off coupons (they don't do them every month any more, but they are great when they do).

The Salvation Army at 86th & Michigan has a ton of stuff - it seriously takes hours to go through it.

Also, if I am really feeling up for it I like the Goodwill Outlet at 86th & Georgetown.

I also hit up a couple of Goodwills in Fishers and Castleton pretty regularly.

Now as for the southside I have scored a couple of great dresses at the DAV thrift store on Madison (across from the Kmart) and some good scarves at the Goodwill on 135 (north of County Line). I am still learning though!

Also, just today I checked out Selective Seconds Consignment on 135 and in a word - Awesome!! I bought a faux-leather jacket, sweater dress, cowl neck sweater and blouse for $52 and the extra bonus was all of the items were new with tags! They had a $5 off $25 coupon in the recent Clipper Coupon Magazine.

Sorry for the long comment. Hope you visit Fab Finds Under $50 again soon and would love any tips of southside thrift stores you may have! Take care!